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Industry Overview

Across the globe, banks are facing multiple challenges today: demanding business needs; providing improved customer experience while being saddled with legacy systems; integrating with third party providers/FinTechs; and the continuous pressure to be agile, to innovate faster and accelerate cloud journey within the bank.

As global financial institutions continue on their fast-paced digital journeys, it is imperative they leverage cloud-based FinTech solutions to mitigate business challenges arising from changing market conditions, and to meet customer expectations.


iTurmeric Platform

Future-ready, cloud-ready, API-first, microservices-based platform

Built on the robust principles of Design Thinking at the R&D Innovation Lab in Intellect USA, iTurmeric, is the first-of-its kind low-coding platform for progressive modernisation of banks. It provides an advanced SDK for rapidly building cloud-native microservices, which can seamlessly connect to the bank’s backend for transaction processing. The Turmeric platform has modules for API Management, API Marketplace, Enterprise Integration, Business Process Orchestration, UX Design and the pioneering Sandbox. The cloud-native platform also hosts the APIs related to Retail banking, Lending, Origination, Corporate Banking API's. These product APIs, coupled with Turmeric’s core modules, provide customers with a unique space to create new financial applications on the cloud (through the browser-based SDK) without any local machine infrastructure.

iTurmeric accelerates the cloud journey of a bank and helps in promoting collaboration with partners and customers, to build and new innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly across the bank's ecosystem. iTurmeric will give banks a very novel and unique way of progressively modernising, using iTurmeric tools without the risk of rip and replacement. With iTurmeric, the systems of new digital banks' systems can be tested and run in isolation - or in parallel with core legacy systems-, which can, in turn, continue to run without interruption or compromise.

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The Five iTurmeric Assets

An API Experience and Collaborative Developer Platform for Financial Solutions.

API Exchange

A web-based application which is useful to publish API Documentation.

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API Studio

Helps design, publish, document and analyse APIs in a secure environment.

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Experience Studio

An advanced UI designer for building angular technology-based UI components.

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Integration & Orchestration Studio

Allows enterprises to connect applications quickly and easily together, enabling smooth data exchange.

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Developer Sandbox

Facilitates API experience with trials and open collaboration for FinTechs, banks, partners and ISVs.

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